0.0 mm
N 2 Bft
UV 6
cloud cover

The weather for tomorrow in Būm-e Mulganak

Daytime temperature is 4.6°C. Tomorrow will remain dry. No precipitation is expected.

On the night from tomorrow to tuesday 5 December, the temperature will be -6.2°C.

Weak wind from North

The wind is coming tomorrow from North with a wind speed of 2 Bft or 7 km/h.

UV index of 6

The maximum UV strength is 6. High UV levels (5 to 9) require extra protection. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ and reapply every two hours.

Weather details Būm-e Mulganak on 4 December 2023

tomorrow normal
Maximum temperature: 4.6°C 0.0°C
Wind chill: 4.6°C 0.0°C
Minimum temperature: -6.2°C 0.0°C
Rain: 0.0 mm 0 mm
Wind: N 2 Bft N 0 Bft
UV index: 6 6
SPF opinion: SPF 30+ SPF 30+

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Rain radar

The hourly weather for Būm-e Mulganak on monday 4 December 2023

Below are all the hourly weather details for Būm-e Mulganak for monday 4 December 2023. Click on a time of day to see all the details for that hour.

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